For real good times you
drink at Verhoeven!

Talking about pints… With appropriate pride we’d like to have you a firm gold-blond ale from the barrel with royal attitude, called Hertog Jan Pilsener. Next to that we have a wide selection of beautiful beers from the barrel or bottle. And next to that anything nice people could wish for in their glass during a relaxing visit to the café. Please come by with family and friends, or meet them at the bar of Hotel Brasserie Verhoeven, we’re open every single day!


Adorers of the sun, but even those who just enjoy life itself who aren’t as demanding when it comes to the weather. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a bite or drink while meeting new people, to meet up with friends, family or just to peacefully take a seat while looking around over the marketplace. With a wide view over the market area of Uden you’ll never be bored. And with something nice to eat in front of you could potentially make a small party a reality.